% podman-image-sign(1)


podman-image-sign - Create a signature for an image


podman image sign [options] image [image …]


podman image sign will create a local signature for one or more local images that have been pulled from a registry. The signature will be written to a directory derived from the registry configuration files in /etc/containers/registries.d. By default, the signature will be written into /var/lib/containers/sigstore directory.


–help, -h

Print usage statement.


Use certificates at path (*.crt, *.cert, *.key) to connect to the registry. Default certificates directory is /etc/containers/certs.d. (Not available for remote commands)

–directory, -d=dir

Store the signatures in the specified directory. Default: /var/lib/containers/sigstore


Override the default identity of the signature.


Sign the busybox image with the identify of foo@bar.com with a user’s keyring and save the signature in /tmp/signatures/.

sudo podman image sign –sign-by foo@bar.com –directory /tmp/signatures docker://privateregistry.example.com/foobar


November 2018, Originally compiled by Qi Wang (qiwan at redhat dot com)