Podman (Pod Manager) Global Options, Environment Variables, Exit Codes, Configuration Files, and more

attach Attach to a running container

auto-update Auto update containers according to their auto-update policy

build Build an image using instructions from Containerfiles

commit Create new image based on the changed container

container Manage containers

cp Copy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem

create Create but do not start a container

diff Display the changes to the object’s file system

events Show podman system events

exec Run a process in a running container

export Export container’s filesystem contents as a tar archive

farm Farm out builds to remote machines

generate Generate structured data based on containers, pods or volumes

healthcheck Manage health checks on containers

history Show history of a specified image

image Manage images

images List images in local storage

import Import a tarball to create a filesystem image

info Display podman system information

init Initialize one or more containers

inspect Display the configuration of object denoted by ID

kill Kill one or more running containers with a specific signal

kube Play containers, pods or volumes from a structured file

load Load image(s) from a tar archive

login Log in to a container registry

logout Log out of a container registry

logs Fetch the logs of one or more containers

machine Manage a virtual machine

manifest Manipulate manifest lists and image indexes

mount Mount a working container’s root filesystem

network Manage networks

pause Pause all the processes in one or more containers

pod Manage pods

port List port mappings or a specific mapping for the container

ps List containers

pull Pull an image from a registry

push Push an image to a specified destination

rename Rename an existing container

restart Restart one or more containers

rm Remove one or more containers

rmi Remove one or more images from local storage

run Run a command in a new container

save Save image(s) to an archive

search Search registry for image

secret Manage secrets

start Start one or more containers

stats Display a live stream of container resource usage statistics

stop Stop one or more containers

system Manage podman

tag Add an additional name to a local image

top Display the running processes of a container

unmount Unmount working container’s root filesystem

unpause Unpause the processes in one or more containers

unshare Run a command in a modified user namespace

untag Remove a name from a local image

update Update an existing container

version Display the Podman version information

volume Manage volumes

wait Block on one or more containers