podman-system-reset - Reset storage back to initial state


podman system reset [options]


podman system reset removes all pods, containers, images, networks and volumes, and machines. It also removes the configured graphRoot and runRoot directories. Make sure these are not set to some important directory.

This command must be run before changing any of the following fields in the containers.conf or storage.conf files: driver, static_dir, tmp_dir or volume_path.

podman system reset reads the current configuration and attempts to remove all of the relevant configurations. If the administrator modified the configuration files first, podman system reset might not be able to clean up the previous storage.


--force, -f

Do not prompt for confirmation

--help, -h

Print usage statement


Reset all storage back to a clean initialized state.

$ podman system reset
WARNING! This will remove:
        - all containers
        - all pods
        - all images
        - all networks
        - all build cache
        - all machines
        - all volumes
        - the graphRoot directory: /var/lib/containers/storage
        - the runRoot directory: /run/containers/storage
Are you sure you want to continue? [y/N] y

Switching rootless user from VFS driver to overlay with fuse-overlayfs

If the user ran rootless containers without having the fuse-overlayfs program installed, podman defaults to the vfs storage in their home directory. If they want to switch to use fuse-overlay, they must install the fuse-overlayfs package. The user needs to reset the storage to use overlayfs by default. Execute podman system reset as the user first to remove the VFS storage. Now the user can edit the /etc/containers/storage.conf to make any changes if necessary. If the system’s default was already overlay, then no changes are necessary to switch to fuse-overlayfs. Podman looks for the existence of fuse-overlayfs to use it when set in the overlay driver, only falling back to vfs if the program does not exist. Users can run podman info to ensure Podman is using fuse-overlayfs and the overlay driver.


podman(1), podman-system(1), fuse-overlayfs(1), containers-storage.conf(5)


November 2019, Originally compiled by Dan Walsh (dwalsh at redhat dot com)