podman-volume-rm - Remove one or more volumes


podman volume rm [options] volume […]


Removes one or more volumes. Only volumes that are not being used will be removed. If a volume is being used by a container, an error will be returned unless the --force flag is being used. To remove all volumes, use the --all flag. Volumes can be removed individually by providing their full name or a unique partial name.


--all, -a

Remove all volumes.

--force, -f

Remove a volume by force. If it is being used by containers, the containers will be removed first.


Print usage statement

--time, -t=seconds

Seconds to wait before forcibly stopping running containers that are using the specified volume. The --force option must be specified to use the --time option.


$ podman volume rm myvol1 myvol2

$ podman volume rm --all

$ podman volume rm --force myvol

Exit Status

0 All specified volumes removed

1 One of the specified volumes did not exist, and no other failures

2 One of the specified volumes is being used by a container

125 The command fails for any other reason


podman(1), podman-volume(1)


November 2018, Originally compiled by Urvashi Mohnani